Age and Weight Limits

MM flyweights must be first year players.

Each squad can carry 4 X-men participants with no weight limit (6 allowed on Midgets).  X-men are limited to playing line of scrimmage positions, but may not play defensive end or tight end.

Each squad can carry 3 flyweight participants.

AgeMitey MitesJr Pee WeePee WeeJr MidgetMidget
6Up to 90----
7Up to 90----
8Up to 90Up to 110---
9*Up to 65Up to 110Up to 130--
10-Up to 110Up to 130Up to 150-
11-**Up to 75Up to 130Up to 150Up to 175
12--**Up to 85Up to 150Up to 175
13---**Up to 105Up to 175
14----Up to 175

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